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Working Memory Improvements With Tutoring

Being able to complete the assignments or given tasks in a classroom can be a complicated situation when the working memory is not functioning at its best. Previously, we mentioned the importance of memorization to do well in school, but today we want to focus on an area that is part of many learning functions: the working memory.

What Does the Working Memory Do?

There is great importance in the job of the working memory. The working memory acts as a type of information post board for your mind to put up pieces of information that it obtains. While doing so, it also needs to put to use the information to complete the job at hand. When a teacher is giving instructions for an assignment, the working memory is responsible for catching the information, posting it to that mental board, and then using it to get its work done. Many academic strains happen because of a low working memory.

3 of the Several Problems Caused by a Low Working Memory

  • Not being able to follow instructions correctly.
  • Necessary repetition of information in order to get the job done.
  • Not being able to carry out ongoing, long conversations about a specific topic.

How to Deal With Working Memory Problems

The best way to correct these and other problems is to directly deal with the working memory by improving it through practice and tutoring help. At home, many fun activities can be completed so that your child can exercise their working memory and improves it. Board games, card games, and even video games are all great ways to increase your child´s working memory. Most games have a set of instructions that need to be followed and completed while the game advances. The players also face certain tasks and situations that need to be dealt with according to such instructions and using critical thinking. All of this allows the mind to coordinate and the working memory to function.

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