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Expert Tutoring Tips for Memorizing Information

There are several memorization techniques that provide an easier more interactive way of retaining and recalling information. Since good memorization skills can help make learning and test-taking easier, we thought we´d share some quick tips to help students memorize information in a more effective manner.

Simple Yet Effective Memorization Techniques

  • Mnemonics. Mnemonics are the most common and effective tools for helping us remember facts and other material that needs to be memorized. When we refer to mnemonics we mean the variety of learning devices such as acronyms, games, rhymes, and other creative forms of relating the information to something that will allow us to memorize it.
  • Repetition. Repetition may sound pretty old school but in fact, it is very effective for memorizing information and it does not necessarily have to be boring. Creating a repetition game or chant can make the information more interesting and catchy. Also, research shows that recording the information we want to memorize and playing it back in our sleep can allow our mind to subconsciously absorb it and better remember it.
  • Visual reminders. Posting note cards posters and other images of the things we want to memorize is another helpful way to assist the memory process. When we are constantly seeing an image or looking at something, that image or picture becomes engraved in our mind much more quickly. Combining all of these techniques will give us better overall results and facilitate memorization by allowing us to saturate several of our senses and embrace the information.

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