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How Monopoly Can Help You Identify Learning Challenges

When it comes time to choose which game you and your family will play on game night, everybody at the table will have their own list of games each wants to play. And while you will likely argue for a few minutes about which is the best game to play, you will soon realize that there is one game which you can all agree on. Monopoly. If you and your family love to play Monopoly, below is a great article from The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA on how you can turn this fun family classic into a great learning activity. You will need the following:
  • A regular or themed Monopoly set
  • Scrap Paper/Small Post It Notes
Once you have the board open the table, it’s time to make some small adjustments.
  • Use the paper to cover the purchase prices on the board and adjust their amount to an unfamiliar or off number. For example, instead of $150, change the price to $146 or $151.
  • Continuing on, do the same for any of the rent prices on each of the property cards.
  • Decide on a percentage amount and, when somebody is lucky enough to land on ‘Free Parking’, allow them 10 seconds to count all of the money in the middle of the board and calculate the percentage to win an extra bonus.
With the game ready to be played it’s time for the most important part. To make your student The Banker! With your student in charge of the game’s finances and the amounts now changed to unfamiliar numbers, your youngster will have to calculate strange numbers while keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the game. While they may struggle at first, you can bet that the adrenaline from the game will be enough to speed up their brains!

Tutoring Center in View Can Address Learning Challenges

If through playing the game, you notice that your youngster struggles with a particular multiplication set or other math-based issue, tutoring in View can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA at (650) 396-7680 and book your free initial diagnostic consultation where you can learn more about the benefits of tutoring in View.


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