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How to Turn Your Own New Year's Resolution into a Lesson on Goal Setting

Parents have more influence on their children than they realize. Whether you have noticed it or not, children are always observing and tend to follow what they see. That is why, this month you have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your own New Year's resolution and use it to introduce your child to goal-setting.

3 Tips to Make Your Goals More Efficient

  • Use the SMART method. Make your goals SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. This is a very common goal-setting method used by many and can make your goal-setting efforts more effective. Walk your children through the process of writing down their own goals using this method and work on it together.
  • Be a good role model. Getting your children involved can be the perfect way to stay accountable for your own goals. They love to follow what you do and will remind you when you are off-track. Most of what children learn comes from what they see, so it is imperative that you show them what it looks like to make a goal and follow through on the steps to reach it. Setting a goal together can also facilitate this and make both of your efforts more efficient.
  • Make their goals more visual. Try making a big poster or a colorful paper for your goals and one for your child's. Include some of the daily tasks they need to do in order to complete their goal and let them place it somewhere where they will see it often.

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