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The journey to proper pronunciation can be challenging for some children. However, being able to pronounce words correctly can influence the effectiveness of their communication and their self-esteem. If your child could use some assistance to improve their pronunciation, continue reading the post below.

How to Help Your Child's Pronunciation

  1. The first tip is to go syllable by syllable. You can take the words/sounds that are most challenging to them and break them down, so your child can practice and master them.
  2. If your child loves tongue twisters, you're in luck. They can help your child give their tongue a good workout which will improve their fluency and pronunciation. Start with the easiest tongue twisters and slowly move on to more challenging ones.
  3. Another way to help your child is to stand at a distance from them and whisper words. Doing so will force your child to look at and understand your mouth's movements, the tongue's placements, and more.
  4. Listening to their own voice can help your child recognize their pronunciation problems and correct them. To that end, record them and play the recording back to them. Plus, as they hear themselves improving, they will feel more confident.
  5. Lastly, make sure your child practices often. The more they do so, the quicker they will develop the correct pronunciation.

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