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Tutoring is the Best Way to Prevent a Learning Loss This Summer

To most of us, the summer is a time to relax and go on vacation, but we need to reconsider how we view the summer in regards to learning. Sure, it's great to go on vacation and be able to just forget about the normal routine, but it is also wise to take this time as an opportunity to learn outside the class. If your child does not participate in any educational activities during the summer, their school performance will be greatly affected. Tutoring and other activities help students to keep their newly acquired knowledge fresh in their mind and avoid falling behind. Today, we'd like to share some important facts that demonstrate the importance of preventing a summer learning loss.

Summer Learning Facts

  • Only about 10% of students actually attend summer school. The fact is that a very low percentage of students actually get the extra help they need. Even though the percentage of students that actually require remedial education or some sort of tutoring help is much higher, it is only a few that actually attend summer school.
  • Students that don't attend summer school but take part in any other summer activity that promotes learning are less likely to experience difficulty remembering the information they learned over the school year and tend to do better in school the following year.
  • Parents can directly impact the learning improvements of their child by encouraging their children to read during the summer and helping them participate in programs that promote learning. They can also create interesting activities at home, such as science experiments and other educational games.
  • Students that spend their summer getting ahead or keeping up with their academic studies are more likely to go to college and have a higher chance at being successful.

A Fun and Educational Summer at The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA

Tutoring is the best option for helping your child stay on top of their studies without missing out on the summer fun. At The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA, we strive to make summer tutoring a gratifying and pleasant experience that encourages children to love learning. Contact us now at (650) 396- 7680 and ask about our summer program.


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