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Fidgeting may be worth exploring if you're trying to figure out different ways in which you can help your child with ADD/ADHD focus. The reason why fidgeting helps children with ADD/ADHD focus is because it calms the hypersensitive parts of the brain by helping the brain externalize the restlessness which in turn allows the brain to focus on the task at hand. Think of your children's ADD/ADHD brain like a clock, the hour hand and minute hand both have to be doing something in order for it to work properly; giving your child permission to fidget allows their brain to work at full capacity because the child who has ADD/ADHD needs to fidget in order to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Keep in mind that an ADD/ADHD mind works differently from other people's mind and having a physical activity to do can actually help your ADD/ADHD child to concentrate. Here are some fidgets that you can try the next time your child gets distracted:

A Stress Ball

A stress ball isn't only great for relieving stress, it is also handy for helping take away distracting energies that may be built up inside your child.

A Bouncy Ball

A bouncy ball can be used to play with and bounce whenever your child feels the need to distract themselves with something that is fun and bouncy. A bouncy ball can keep your child's hands busy so their brain is more focused on their homework.

The Ancient Art of Pen Spinning

Learning how to spin a pen while focusing on your work is a cool skill and keeps your child's fidget area of the mind busy so that their thinking area of the mind can concentrate. For more tips and tricks on coping with ADD/ADHD, check out this great content.

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