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Did you know that children loose about 30% of what they learned during the school year over summer vacation? Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this and even to help them be better students on the coming school year. The Tutoring  Center, Mountain View CA is just what your children need! Today they invite you to read on to learn some of the benefits of tutoring this summer.


You children are very likely to lose around 3 months of their school progress without someone helping them. There are many studies that show that this gap will only grow as students continue throughout their studies. The Tutoring  Center, Mountain View CA will help your children reduce this gap by reviewing past material and helping them feel confident in what they know.

Get Ahead

Taking a tutoring class during the summer not only reinforces knowledge and concepts that were learned during the school year, but it can also teach new materials that they will probably be learning on the upcoming school year. The stress they might feel about learning new subjects during school will be reduced because they will already have an idea of what they are about. The Tutoring  Center, Mountain View CA reinforces and teaches school concepts.

Grade Level Change Adjustment

Maybe your children are making the big leap from elementary to junior high, or even to high school, taking them to summer tutoring lessons can help make the switch smoother. Some students feel nervous and anxious about the classes they will be having, preparing them ahead can help them relax.

For Summer Tutoring in Mountain View CA

The Tutoring  Center, Mountain View CA is the preventive solution your children need during this summer break. So give them a call at: 650-396-7680 to know all about their summer programs, or for more information about the benefits of summer tutoring in Mountain View CA.


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