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Sometimes you may see your children struggling with their homework and think, does my child need tutoring? If you find yourself thinking this often, then perhaps they do. The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA brings you a list of signs that will help you decide if your children do need the help of a tutor.

Their Grades are Slipping

Your child used to have good or decent grades, and all of sudden there was a grade decline and you don’t know why. There are many reasons why grades can start slipping, and you should contact their teacher to find out what the problem may be. They will tell you, according to what they see, which areas need work. Perhaps your child has a challenging time with memorization or math, maybe they need glasses to see the board, or maybe they get bored in class. Tutoring in Mountain View CA will help them catch up an gain some interest.

They Struggle Managing Their Time

You should teach your child how to manage their time. Maybe they have too many after school activities overlapping with their homework or study time. There needs to be a balance between whatever club or activity they do after school, homework, and having actual time to rest. Too many activities result in poor performance.

They Talk  Negatively About School

Children who truly love school are rare, but that doesn’t mean everyone else hates it. If your child feels this way perhaps there is a real reason. Are they being bullied? Are they failing a class? A combination of counseling and tutoring can help your child like school again.

They May Have a Learning Disability

Learning disabilities are not uncommon among children, especially dyslexia and ADHD. There are many treatments for these disorders after they have been properly diagnosed. Our tutoring groups are small and can be of great help to children struggling with their grades.

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Tutoring in Mountain View CA shouldn't be seen as a last resort. It's a great tool to boost your children's grades, whether they need it or not. Call The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA at 650-396-7680 to know all about their many tutoring programs.


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