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Summer is the perfect opportunity to help your child improve their reading abilities and increase their love for learning. Since most students get to enjoy plenty of free time during their summer break, the best way to help them make the most of it is to help them use this time to improve their reading skills. The following activity is a great way to begin.

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

  • Improve reading skills by enhancing their vocabulary. Learning new vocabulary doesn't have to be hard or tedious. You can have a lot of fun doing it. One way to do this is to have a word scavenger hunt.
  • Write three to five words on separate pieces of paper and hide them around the house or yard. Next, give your child written clues on where to find each word, but do not tell them what word they are looking for. Instead, give them the definition of the word.
  • For example, if the vocabulary word you hid in the microwave is ¨stifling,¨ then you would write, "Look for a word that means 'very hot and causing difficulties in breathing; suffocating' in a place that you use to heat up your food."
  • This activity not only allows your child to build up their vocabulary in a fun and interactive manner, but it also gets them to read and put their working memory skills to practice. If you are looking for more games and educational activities for your children, check this blog and be sure to read this article on how to keep your teens busy in the summer.

Summer Reading Improvements with The Tutoring Center,  Mountain View CA

Have fun this summer with educational activities that you and your children can enjoy. At The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA, they have the perfect academic program to help your child learn to enjoy reading and have fun with it. Dial (650) 396-7680 right now to learn more.


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