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You almost certainly have a highlighter among your school supplies. If you do but aren't sure of how you can use it to learn better, read and follow the tips in the post below.

How to Study With a Highlighter

Use It as an Aid

One thing to keep in mind is that highlighter is only meant to be a study aid, meaning you shouldn't rely on it alone to study. If you want to use your highlighters effectively, take notes, then highlight the most important information in said notes.

Take Advantage of the Different Colors

Even though yellow is the most common highlighter color, there are others that are pink, green, orange, blue, purple, and more. You can take advantage of this variety and use one color to highlight one type of information (e.g. pink for dates) to make recalling information easier.

Don't Scribble With It

Your highlighter is meant to emphasize important information in your notebooks or textbooks. However, when you use it to write something down or doodle, you're actually hurting your chances of studying effectively, since the scribbles can distract you.

Highlight With Care

Lastly, be mindful of how you highlight. Don't highlight every single word, because that will be pointless. Instead, read your notes or textbooks a few times over, and after you've assimilated the information, highlight the bits that are most important.

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