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Pointers and Techniques to Improve Math Skills

You make sure your child eats well and practices healthy sleep habits. Make math skills a regular part of your child's routine to see their math grades and confidence soar. And confidence is 100% of the equation when learning any level of math.

Master Math Topics Before Moving to Next

This will be a struggle in the beginning as it is a sticky point for most students. It's all too easy to want to skip over challenge areas, but all math courses are taught in a specific sequence. Every topic builds on the previous topic.

Gain Practice

Get a grade-level appropriate, math skills workbook for your child that has answers in the back of the book and make sure they work and check every problem completed. Have your child always begin with the easiest problem in the book. It's important to build confidence. Work up to harder and harder problems from the book and encourage your child to check the answer for each one. After working twenty or more problems from a section, your child is ready to move on to the next section.

Write It Down

It is very common for your child to look at a math problem and try to figure it out in their head without writing anything down. Encourage your child to begin by first writing down the problem. Then begin to solve it one step at a time. Your child should write down even the simple things. This gives them a paper trail to check their work.

Tutoring in Mountain View

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