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Help Your Child Be a Better Speller

American English is a complex language, and while this complexity adds color and variety, it also makes spelling a challenge. There are few completely universal axioms for spelling in English, but you can still help your child by focusing on a handful of tips, tricks, and widely applicable rules.

I Before E Except After C

There's a good reason that this is among the most widely used spelling shortcuts. It can help with words like relief and believe, or words with a c such as ceiling and receive. An additional caveat to this rule is that i follows e in words with an ay sound, such as neighbor. Note that there are exceptions to the rule, such as weird, which is a 'weird' exception.


Mnemonics are memory-based tricks that can help your child recall challenging words. For example, stationery has an "e" as the envelope in which it will go. Other mnemonic devices rely on parts of the word; you might remember how to spell separate by thinking of the r as separating two like letters.

Homonym Practice

Homonyms can be especially difficult. Different sets of homonyms have different shortcuts, so developing strategies as you encounter them individually is best. Theretheir and they're may best be learned by studying each word's meaning. Others, like affect and effect or access and excess can be differentiated by using a slightly different enunciation for each and associating them with sentences that help define their meanings. This may include a memorable phrase.

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