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Making Learning an Adventure With Outdoor Discoveries and Tutoring

We recently shared some information on the importance of summer learning and avoiding a learning loss. It doesn't take much to turn your child's summer into a more beneficial learning experience. All you need to do is gather a few...

Tutoring is the Best Way to Prevent a Learning Loss This Summer

To most of us, the summer is a time to relax and go on vacation, but we need to reconsider how we view the summer in regards to learning. Sure, it's great to go on vacation and be able to just forget about the normal routine, but it...

Tutoring Tips for Helping Students Identify Adjectives and Adverbs

Most students know that a verb is something you do and that a noun is a person, place, or thing, but the other parts of speech, such as adverbs and adjectives, are not always well comprehended. That is why today at The...

Working Memory Improvements With Tutoring

Being able to complete the assignments or given tasks in a classroom can be a complicated situation when the working memory is not functioning at its best. Previously, we mentioned the importance of memorization to do well in school, but today we want to...

Expert Tutoring Tips for Memorizing Information

There are several memorization techniques that provide an easier more interactive way of retaining and recalling information. Since good memorization skills can help make learning and test-taking easier, we thought we´d share some quick tips to help...
Though it may be underrated, a dictionary can be an exceptional learning tool for your child: it can help them build their vocabulary, improve their spelling skills, and understand/communicate more successfully. Still, if your young student is learning how to use the dictionary, below you'll find...

Help Your Child Be a Better Speller

American English is a complex language, and while this complexity adds color and variety, it also makes spelling a challenge. There are few completely universal axioms for spelling in English, but you can still help your child by focusing on a handful of tips,...

Pointers and Techniques to Improve Math Skills

You make sure your child eats well and practices healthy sleep habits. Make math skills a regular part of your child's routine to see their math grades and confidence soar. And confidence is 100% of the equation when learning any level of math.


For many students, summer is synonym with rest and sleeping in. However, as you may have noticed, this makes it very difficult for you to get your child back into a normal sleeping schedule once school starts again. For this reason, your best bet is to teach your child healthy sleeping habits...
 School is out and it is time for summer vacation! During these summer months, you may find yourself at home more often with your children. If your child struggles with science, summer vacation can be a great time for him to develop renewed curiosity and interest in the subject. Use this...


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