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Even though we're cruising through the colder months, your child's hydration is of the utmost importance. To learn how to keep them properly hydrated, read the tips below.

How to Keep Your Child Hydrated

Have a Conversation About It

Information is power and children are incredibly receptive to it. For that reason, your first approach should be to have a conversation with them about the importance of staying hydrated. If you share this information, they'll be more likely to care for their daily water intake.

Make Hydration Fun

Water is colorless and tasteless, which is why some children will think that drinking it is boring. That's why, you should make an effort to add a fun twist to their water drinking experience. For example, provide colorful glasses, add cucumber or lemon slices to the water, and more. You could even create a daily water intake scoreboard, so they can keep track of how they're doing.

Take These into Account

Finally, even though you've heard that each person should drink 8 glasses of water a day, know that this isn't accurate. The amount of water a person should drink depends on a few different factors. For instance, your child's age, their activity level, their weight and height, and the amount they sweat can influence this. Talk to your child's pediatrician to get a better idea of how to keep them hydrated.

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