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Teens and younger children alike are thinking about summer vacations all year long. Often times, after a week of vacations, they feel bored and can’t find a way to entertain themselves. Tutoring in Mountain View CA can be an excellent option, to keep them busy and their brains in action, but that may not be enough. The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA has some idea to maintain your teens occupied this summer.

Summer Camp

Yes, teenagers probably feel like they have outgrown summer camps. There are still some options for them out there. They could go back to summer camp, but this time they could be there as counselors. Maybe there is a class they’ve been interested in trying and never had the time with their school activities. You can try to create your own summer camp at home; cooking, building, gardening, sports, and a field trip could be some of the activities.


Volunteering is a win-win situation for all. Your children will be gaining practical work experience and building their resume for future college applications. Many volunteer positions eventually turn into paid positions. Volunteering can give your children a sense of purpose and make them feel better about themselves because they are doing something good for someone else. They can sign up for an internship, work in an animal shelter, hospital, church, or homeless center. There are many things they could do according to their interests.

Paid Work

Summer is a great time to look for a part-time job. Getting a job helps develop work ethic and learn the value of money. There are many places that hire even younger teens. They can apply for work at amusement parks, grocery shops, public swimming pools, car washes, even dog-sitting or walking. A summer job can also help them decide what they would like for their future.

For Summer Tutoring in Mountain View CA

Teens can get a lot out of their summer vacations: money, experiences, fun, and even knowledge. The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA is there for your teens if they would like to work on their study skills. Call them this summer at: 650-396-7680 to know about their programs.


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