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Making Learning an Adventure With Outdoor Discoveries and Tutoring

We recently shared some information on the importance of summer learning and avoiding a learning loss. It doesn't take much to turn your child's summer into a more beneficial learning experience. All you need to do is gather a few materials to set out on a learning adventure with your child.

Magnifying Glass Learning Adventure

Give young children a magnifying glass and a basket. Accompany them to the yard or to a park to look at the insects and plants and collect any items they find interesting. Then, have your child place the items on a table for further inspection. Assist them in taking notes on their findings. This is a great way to spark their curiosity and get them eager to learn and investigate. For older children, you can try to get them to take samples of items and place them in small ziplock bags and label them. Then, allow them to use a microscope to further examine any leaves or other items they might have collected. This seems like a simple activity but it can be lots of fun as you find unexpected things or other unusual items. Encourage your child to learn more about the things they found and research the items for more interesting information.

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