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Tips on How to Make Reading Easy

It's September and back to school time, which means your young student has probably been hit with a few new reading lists for the current semester or quarter.  While the lists may seem daunting at first glance, a measured approach to tackling each book can go a long ways in making the assignments manageable.  Here are some expert tips on how to really develop your reading skills.

Don't Worry About Speed

This is a trap a lot of young readers fall into.  Comparing yourself to others in terms of how fast you are reading is never a good idea.  A lot readers claim to be fast, but the faster you read the less in information is able to sink in.  Reading at your own pace and properly digesting the information is a much better approach.

Read Out Loud

Reading out loud can help you find the author's voice and sync with it.  In that way you can develop a nice rhythm to your reading, and be more engaged with the book.  Obviously this won't be appropriate in every situation, but when possible, give it a try.


Obviously reading and writing go hand-in-hand.  Often times the best writers are heavy readers.  Keeping a journal is a great way to write daily, and both the creativity and repetition involved will help you become both a better writer and reader.

Tutoring in Mountain View

Reading is a foundational element of any child's education.  If your child could use some additional help with reading, or any other school subject, tutoring in Mountain View is a wonderful option.  Here at the Tutoring Center, our educated professionals provide one-to-one instruction to students of all ages and abilities.  We want to help your child succeed!  To help get them started, we provide a Free Diagnostic Assessment, and according to the results customize a plan specifically suited to their needs.  Please call (650) 396-7680 so we can begin the process today.


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