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The holidays offer your child a lot of opportunities for relaxation and for letting off steam with their friends, but it’s also a great time of year to expose them to the joys of reading. The Tutoring Center of Mountain View would like to offer a few tips on how to get your child to fall in love with the written word.

Set a good example

It’s no secret that children imitate much of their parent’s behaviour, be it deliberately or subconsciously, so make sure that your child sees you enjoying a good book every once in a while and they’ll be more likely to do the same.

Join in

Reading doesn’t have to be a totally solitary act, especially for younger children. Try reading aloud to your child or, better yet, asking them to read to you. If your child is a little older, they may feel that reading aloud is a little childish, but simply sitting together and reading separately can create a warm, convivial atmosphere which you can both enjoy. Ask them lots of questions about what they’re reading, their favorite characters and scenes and so forth, to show that you are interested and to keep them engaged.

Give books as gifts

As Christmas approaches, you’re probably considering what to get for your child. Giving books as gifts helps to create positive attachments to books as special objects and thus to reading as a whole. Buy books based on your child’s hobbies and interests rather than supplying what you would prefer that they read!

Praise their efforts

If your child struggles with reading, or is not necessarily reading’s biggest fan, then it’s especially important that you let them know how much you appreciate the effort they are putting in. Tell them you’re proud of their progress, and consider giving them a reward if they really try hard (it doesn’t have to be material- the reward could be an educational trip to the zoo or to a museum).

Reading is a useful academic skill, but it can also provide hours of fulfilling entertainment. It’s also been shown to be very calming, which may be extra-beneficial to any children suffering from ADHD.

If your child finds reading difficult, or is having problems with any other academic area, you could hire a tutor to lend a hand. The Tutoring Center offer support tailored to any learning style, so call (650) 396-7680 if you ever feel you require tutoring in Mountain View.


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