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The holidays may seem like all fun and games for your child, but if they don't study through them, they may experience winter break learning loss. To ensure your child won't return to school with a blank slate, follow the tips mentioned in this post.

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

Encourage Them to Read and Write

Your child's mind should remain active during their winter break if they want to prevent learning loss. And what better way to do that than through reading and writing? As they do, they will be inadvertently practicing a few academic skills, such as grammar.

Ensure They Review Their Notes

It's true that your child deserves time off school after working hard all year. However, simply reading their notes a couple of times during the break won't take much of their time, and will help keep their knowledge and skills fresh for the new school year.

Take Them on Learning Trips

A great way to have fun, bond with your child, and make the most out of your winter break, is to go on learning trips. For instance, going to the library or the zoo a couple of times while they're off school can keep them learning.

Talk to Your Child

Lastly, talk to your child about academic topics. You can talk about their subjects, or even ask questions about things they should know. Doing so will help them think about the lessons they have learned.

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