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Though it may be underrated, a dictionary can be an exceptional learning tool for your child: it can help them build their vocabulary, improve their spelling skills, and understand/communicate more successfully. Still, if your young student is learning how to use the dictionary, below you'll find some tips on how they can take full advantage of it.

How to Take Advantage of a Dictionary

Learn the Alphabet

If you have a young child at home and want to teach them how to use a dictionary, the first step will be to ensure they know the alphabet. Simply singing the ABC song with them will help them retain the order the letters are in better.

Provide the Right Dictionary

Believe it or not, an important step is providing your child with the right learning tool. There are a variety of types of dictionaries out there (for instance, specialized dictionaries), that won't be useful. Instead, opt for a pocket-size, updated English dictionary.

Review the Dictionary's Components

Some dictionaries include a word's pronunciation, have a thesaurus, and more. Review the different parts that make up your child's dictionary, so they can learn how to use them and make the most of the tools at their disposal.

Search for New Words Effectively

Whenever your child wants to learn the meaning of a word, tell them to begin by searching the word's first letter in the dictionary. Once they're in that section, they should use the guide words in the page to quickly assess if the word they're searching for is there.

Understand the Definitions

What good is having a dictionary if you can't understand a word's definition? If your child comes upon unknown words in a definition, encourage them to search for them so they have a better understanding of the first word's meaning.

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