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A day at the zoo can be a fun way to spend time with your child and to keep them learning during their summer break. For tips on how to make your day there a great one, continue reading.

How to Visit the Zoo With Your Child

  1. For starters, you need to find some information, so do a bit of research. For example, learn how much the admission fee is, the park's hours, what the weather will be like, etc.
  2. To ensure you have an awesome day out, you need to prepare. Your preparation process should include putting sunscreen on to keep your skin protected, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, and putting together snacks and water bottles for the day.
  3. If you want your child to stay safe and out of trouble, set rules for the day. For instance, don't let them get too close to the cages, feed the animals, or stray away from you.
  4. Your child could get a little bit too excited at the zoo and they can be mischievous, even if they know the rules. That's why you need to pay attention to them at all times.
  5. To make sure that your child learns during your zoo visit, motivate them to look at the information in the cards near the animals' cages. At the end of the day, quiz them on it to see if they learned.
  6. Finally, look to see if the zoo you're going to has a children's section. If that's the case, take your child to it, so they can continue learning about biology while they play and do other activities.

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