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It’s not uncommon for children to be averse to studying math, as it can seem like it’s only useful in the classroom and not used in everyday life, or it can seem difficult and daunting. Math is a vital academic skill, and is important in day to day life too, so it’s lucky that there are some simple things you can do to engage your child in learning math. Let The Tutoring Center of Mountain View talk you through them.

Provide a model

Setting a good example is key to promoting the right behavior in your child. Children mimic a huge amount of their parents’ exhibited behavior, so take advantage of this by acting how you would like them to act. Approach math problems with a smile and with confidence, and your child will likely follow suit.

Help out

If your child finds math hard, they’ll really appreciate having you around to help with any issues they run into. The important thing is to avoid simply providing solutions. Your child needs to learn to work independently and come to understand the math for themselves, so try to talk through the problem to help them understand the underlying concepts instead. You may not have to help out, but your presence can be the reassurance your child needs to work well.

Sneak math into every day

The brain, like a muscle, requires exercise to grow and remain strong. Similarly, math is a skill like any other and thus requires practice. One of the best ways to ensure your child is getting the math practice they need to excel is to sneak a little math into everyday situations. Ask your child to help you add up the groceries, to help with the recipe when cooking, or similar.

Provide a study space

If you set up the perfect study space in your home, your child’s studies are likely to be that much more effective. Provide a desk and a comfy chair in a quiet and comfortable area of your home, make sure it’s well-lit and stocked with any supplies they may need, and be sure that it’s a distraction-free zone (that means no TV, computers, cell phones, etc.).

Work on their study skills

Devoting hours to studying is no good if that time isn’t well-spent. Ensure your child knows how to take effective notes and sit down with them to draw up a study schedule detailing when they will study and what they will study to help keep them on track.

Hire a tutor

One of the best things you can do to help your child up their math game is to hire a professional tutor. The Tutoring Center offer a targeted Geniuses in Training Math Program to work on our students’ math skills, so call (650) 396-7680 to take advantage of tutoring in Mountain View.


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