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Having the right study material is crucial to ensure that you’ll do well in school, which is why you should take good and effective notes that will help you review and learn your lessons for your tests. In case you need a bit of assistance in this department, 

The Tutoring Center in Mountain View would like to provide a few tips to make your notes the perfect study material.

How to Take Good Notes 

Stay Organized

Organization is very important so you can actually use your notes for studying. Color coordinate your subjects, and have a notebook and folder for each one to keep your notes in a logical order.

Get Your Tools Out

You want to have your school supplies handy and ready to be used during class. This way, you won’t waste time looking for a pen while the teacher is providing valuable information.

Write Down Key Information

If you try to write every word your teacher utters, you’ll certainly miss some important information. Instead, focus on getting the jist of the lesson and writing down the key concepts.

Be Comprehensible

If you have to work hard to decode your notes, you won’t have a very effective study session, which is why you should try to write comprehensible sentences in your best penmanship.


Dates, names, and other similar information are more important and should stand out in your notes. Use a highlighter or colored pen to accentuate the key concepts in your lessons.

Reread and Ask

Once you’re done, review your notes to make sure all the right information is in there in a comprehensible manner. If you missed something or the lesson wasn’t clear, ask your teacher or peers!

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