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Now that your child is off school, you must create a summer routine so that they can take full advantage of their break. Learn a few tips to create a fun, challenging, and exciting routine for your child through the post below.

How to Create a Summer Routine for Your Child

  1. First, you need to talk to your child and make plans for the summer break. Is there somewhere they'd like to go? Is there something they want to learn or try? Talk with them to figure out what they'll do and what you'll need for it.
  2. Then, you must create a summer schedule. Children tend to stay up late, sleep in, and eat more junk food during summer. To keep your child healthy and make their transition back to school easier, they should follow an eating/sleeping schedule.
  3. Students often want to spend their time off school playing video games, watching TV, playing on their phones, etc. To guarantee your child won't spend their whole break stuck to a screen, limit screen time. This will give them the chance to do other things.
  4. It may be summer break, but that doesn't mean that the house doesn't get dirty. Give your child chores to help with around the house to provide purpose to their days and teach them about responsibility.
  5. Even if they don't do this every day, make sure your child finds a couple of opportunities during the break to study. Doing so will keep their school lessons fresh in their mind and ready to be built upon.
  6. Lastly, everything in life should be about balance. Yes, your child should study, do house chores, and engage in physical activities, but they also deserve some time off after working hard in school. Offer some flexibility, and don't be too hard on them.

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