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The Importance of Active Listening Skills

Students that are active listeners do much better in the classroom and in all other areas of life because they learn to listen to others and not just hear what is being said. This allows them to follow instructions with ease and facilitates their understanding. That is why today we want to share three simple yet important activities that can help children improve their listening skills and active listening abilities.

3 Activities Children of All Ages Should Engage in to Improve Their Listening Skills

  • Role play. Even young children can practice active listening in a game-like manner. Through role-playing and similar dialogue games, they learn to pay attention to what is being said and respond accordingly.
  • Repeating instructions. Asking your child to repeat instructions back to you or to give you a more detailed explanation of what you said to them may sound annoying at first, but it can really help them to activate their listening skills. It may take some patience at first, but if you do this with your child constantly they will begin to listen better and comprehend more, which will facilitate their performance in the classroom.
  • Use television. You can also use television to help children learn listening skills. Set a television rule that says they can only watch television if they can discuss and explain to you the program they just watched. This can be a little tedious for them but if that is their only option for turning on the television, they will eventually give in.

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