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With finals coming up soon, it is time that you start preparing and reflecting on your test-taking strategy. For that reason, read this post to learn what you shouldn't do when you're taking tests.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

  1. Of course, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not being prepared to take the test.
  2. Do you need a ruler, calculator, or a crib sheet for your test? Don't make the mistake of forgetting your supplies so you can take your test effectively.
  3. Neglecting to write your name on the test can also be problematic, since it may cost you points.
  4. If you want to really avoid making mistakes on your tests, then not reading your test is something you shouldn't do.
  5.  Not answering properly is another thing can get you into trouble. Answer as instructed and in a legible manner to keep your score up.
  6. Needless to say, you need to answer every question if you want to score high. That's why getting stuck is not an option. If you feel stuck, move on to the next question and come back later.
  7. If you leave any questions unanswered, you obviously lower your chances of doing well on the test lower significantly, so check that you answered everything.
  8. Being in a rush to answer can also lead you to make an easily avoidable mistake on your test.
  9. Finally, if you don't review your test before handing it in, you're missing out on an opportunity to correct mistakes and increase your grade.

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