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Reading is often thought to be an activity that should be done solo. However, if you have a child at home, you may want to take on the habit of reading with them. To learn why you should, refer to the post below.

How Reading with Your Child Can Benefit Them

  1. For starters, spending quality time with your child is always a good idea. Not only will you get to bond and enjoy each other's company, but their relationship with you will actually affect how they relate to others later on in life.
  2. As you may be aware, reading often can help your child with their academics and their communication skills. However, for them to reap these benefits, they first need to build the habit of reading regularly. And, if they read with you on a daily basis, they're more likely to develop it.
  3. Reading comprehension can be a tricky skill set to acquire. But, if you read with your child regularly, you'll be able to assist them in developing said skills, since you'll be there to answer vocabulary questions, or any doubts they have about the material you're reading.
  4. Just as you're there to answer questions, it's important that you ask them as well. When you question your child about the storyline, the characters, and their opinion on the text, you'll be helping them develop a more critical way of thinking.
  5. Finally, reading with your child can be incredibly enjoyable and enriching for the both of you, since you'll be able to share your opinions and interpretations on the reading material.

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