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Creative writing has plenty of benefits for children; for example, it enables them to put their imagination into words, leads them to explore their unique point of view, and improves their narrative skills. So, if your child likes to read, they might engage in these different types of creative writing:


Since poetry requires children to think outside the box, writing a poem might help your child expand their vocabulary and abstract thinking. Poetry may also lead them to spark a curiosity for new words and meanings through rhyme and rhythm.

Writing a Journal

Journaling can be an excellent way for your child to release their emotions, ideas, and thoughts in a creative and highly expressive manner. Plus, since journaling requires your child to write every day, it can lead them to polish their metaphors, descriptive skills, and overall point of view.

Song Lyrics

Your child can turn to songwriting if they love to sing and to listen to music. Similar to poetry, children can use rhyme and rhythm to write and create a song lyric.

Short Stories

Getting started with short story writing allows children to turn their imagination into structured stories with developed characters. If your child is an innate storyteller, you can encourage them to write short stories to help them build their narrative and writing skills.

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