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New years are new starts that allow you to get a clean slate on which you can improve. That's why, if you want to become a better student this new year, you can make a few academic resolutions, like the ones mentioned below.

How to Become a Better Student this New Year

Try to Stay Organized

Organization can really make a difference in your efforts to becoming a better student. That's why, during this new year, you should try to stay organized: with your school supplies, your notes, and even your time.

Work on Your Attention Span

Procrastinating and failing to keep up with their schedule and school responsibilities can cause students to fall behind in their studies. This year, work on your attention span (e.g. create a study space), to fulfill your academic goals.

Study Better

To be a good student, you need to study. However, simply cramming information before a test won't do. During this year, employ more effective study methods: adapt to your learning style, study on a daily basis, and work on understanding your subjects.

Make the Most of It

Last but not least, try to make the most out of your time in school. To that end, participate more in class, join extracurricular activities, and make it a point to take full advantage of the opportunity you've been given to study.

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