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Even though keyboarding skills are a necessity in today’s world, children also need to enhance their handwriting’s perceptual-motor skills to become better learners. Hence, this post by The Tutoring Center, Mountain View, CA, shares with you information about the advantages of encouraging your children to write by hand.

Improves Memorization

Since the brain activates more cognitive functions for handwriting than typing on a computer, it’s easier for students to process and retain handwritten information. Taking notes with pen and paper requires visual focus, hand-eye coordination, and spatial perception, among others other cognitive abilities. Considering that, your child can practice handwriting to improve their study habits and their memorization skills.

Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills

Handwriting also facilitates early age children’s fine motor skills development. When your child writes, they strengthen their finger’s small muscles to achieve a firm pencil grip; plus, they can enhance their hand-eye coordination by having their eyes leading their hand movement to achieve legible letters.

Enhances Reading and Spelling Skills

Last but not least, handwriting largely improves letter recognition, which leads to improved reading and spelling fluency; this means that the more your child writes, the easier it will be for them to comprehend and decode words while reading.

If your child needs extra help to reach their full learning potential, consider enrolling them in one-on-one tutoring in Mountain View, CA. Reach out to a friendly tutor at The Tutoring Center, Mountain View, CA, and ask them about the most suitable academic program for your child’s learning goals. For more information and to book a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (650) 396-7680 today.


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