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Of course it’s common sense that your child needs to drink water in order to stay healthy, but the negative effects of even minor dehydration and how easy it is to get dehydrated may surprise you. Today, The Tutoring Center in Mountain View would like to let you know a little more about...
The holidays offer your child a lot of opportunities for relaxation and for letting off steam with their friends, but it’s also a great time of year to expose them to the joys of reading. The Tutoring Center of Mountain View would like to offer a few tips on how to get your child to fall in love...
Having the right study material is crucial to ensure that you’ll do well in school, which is why you should take good and effective notes that will help you review and learn your lessons for your tests. In case you need a bit of assistance in this department, 

The Tutoring Center in Mountain...
Tests are an important part of your education because they are a way to evaluate what and how much you have learned during the school year. Still, their significance can produce anxiety and jitters in some students. 

If you feel this way about your tests (even after you’ve studied long and...
28% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD. Over 6 million children suffer from this disorder, and the numbers are growing. That being said, we hope you know that if you are in the process of raising a child with ADHD, you...
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