The Tutoring Center, Mountain View CA 

"I have been attending The Tutoring Center for almost half a year now, and I have seen astonishing improvements in my weaker subject areas. The difference between tutors here and tutors elsewhere is that the people who work at The Tutoring Center really are passionate about what they're teaching, and they love helping students. They never give you the answer; rather they ask guiding questions to help you fully understand a topic, and reach the conclusion on your own. The Tutoring Center also has a "reward system" awarding stickers to kids for each day that they work efficiently. This system that appeals to all ages, with a "store" that offers things from pencils to gift cards. I would strongly reccomend The Tutoring Center to anyone who is struggling with certain subject areas or needs help with organization or study skills. It really preps you to do well right away, and I believe that it prepares you for your academic future as well."
Beth T.
"I absolutely LOVE The Tutoring Center (TTC) on Grant Road. The staff is professional, warm, and accommodating.  Subi, is extremely helpful and patient with our ever changing schedule.  TTC's approach to learning is fun and effective. My son (5yrs old) started this program with a limited base knowledge of letters and numbers.  In just a few short months, attending only two days a week, he became more confident and was reading sight words and more.  He now loves to read anything he sees in the world around him. It's not just his reading that has improved, his writing and math skills as well. He actually likes to spell words as he is using them. This is a well balanced program.  Becca is amazing! She is always quick with ideas to make learning fun and exciting in our normal everyday activities.  The entire staff is very informative about all of my son's progress from day to day. When my son loses focus during class, they use positive reinforcement to help him get back on track. They do not scold, nor put him down. I appreciate this tremendously. Learning should be a positive experience. My son get's that from being in this environment.  Thank you Melissa and Becky!!! I strongly recommend stopping by this location to check it out for yourself.  The facility is bright, clean, and welcoming. Plus, they offer a FREE assessment test for your child!!  Yes, FREE!  Why not discover your own child's strengths and allow he/she the opportunity to grow in a healthy learning environment? I am glad we found The Tutoring Center on Grant Road!!  THANK YOU TTC!!!"
Sha M.
"The Tutoring Center is an excellent tutoring place for enrichment! Our son who was diagnosed with a learning disability has been attending the center for the past two years. He has made more progress at the tutoring center then any of our other efforts.  The Tutoring Center on Grant Road in Mountain View is a warm and friendly place with a commitment to the families they partner with.  We have recommended the Center to all of our friends and as a result at least three new families are using their services.  Since we started our son has improved a full grade level.  They have definitely given our son a boost in his academics that he needed and now is showing great progress.  We like their services so much we have decided to enroll our second son.  We highly recommended their services!"
Rozalin P.
"Son & daughter have been in the Tutoring Center @Grant Road for more than 2 years & are still attending. Really like the place as: class is 1-to1; customizes lessons as & when one needs to go back to basic concepts or surge ahead of school lessons or even do advanced Math or English beyond one's grade level. Parent informed & consulted when pace is to be adjusted. Regular updates online & face to face.Accomodating to changes when school sports activities clash with regular lessons. Subi has been a wonderful mentor to my teenage kids & the staff there are great."
Nor L.
" The Tutoring Center is how a center should be run! This place is fantastic! We found the place one day just from walking by while doing grocery at Nob Hill in that same shopping plaza. My son, who was in 5th grade at the time, was doing okay in school but not very motivated and didn't feel challenged enough. I was intrigued by the 1-to-1 instructions so I decided to enroll. The place is very clean and organized and the staff is fantastic and very friendly. They are always accommodating to my needs and always genuinely show their care for the students. But the biggest surprise came from my son, who was resistive at first, but slowly became willing then engaged then was fully motivated to come and work for better grades! His grades went up, of course, but his motivation and confidence was just glowing out of him without me having to constantly be in his ears like it was before. The 1-to-1 definitely works for him and I absolutely love this place! Highly recommended! "
"Excellent tutoring place for enrichment! My daughter has good grades in school and we are looking to continue to challenge her and tried The Tutoring Center on Grant Road in Mountain View. The place is clean and is in a very convenient location. I like the 1 on 1 instruction and thought it was worth a try since there is no contract to sign. They definitely gave her a challenge well beyond what she is learning in school and she loves going there! The staff is always very warm, extremely accommodating and provide such a great service! It is highly recommended! "
" I am really satisfied with the results I saw in my child after attending the tutoring sessions. According to her school she was very behind what they expected her to know at her grade level. Both the school teacher and principal suggested holding her back and insisted on it firmly even when I expressed that I felt she would be able to catch up. They were set that she would fail. I refused for them to set her back. That is when my search for a tutor began.  The Tutoring Center opened right in time. It was a convenient location with no contract which many other centers require. I enrolled my child with them. The staff is dedicated and experianced. She attended 3 times per week for 5 month, at that point it was the end of the school year and what do you know SHE PASSED!  She continued attending for another 5 months just to continue improving. At that point for personal reasons (not related to her or the center)had to pull her out. However, if she were to fall behind again I would not hesitate for a moment on bringing her back. "
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